Name: Samuel Martin

Age: 18

School: Tavistock College

Career aspirations: Game Developer

Reason for joining 3Dami: I think 3Dami produces a fantastic opportunity which is invaluable to anyone aiming for a career in 3D modelling or animation. I believe that to gain a good standing in life you should always grab each opportunity with both hands and live one step ahead of what you think you can do.

Role within the team: Director

What did your role entail: Setting up each shot with the correct length, camera angle and animation as well as keeping an eye on the overall style of the film and checking it fitted with my script. I also worked on animations, compositing and assets.

What have you enjoyed most: Doing 3D animation in a team has been very valuable to me as it’s great preparation for working for a company. I have also learnt a lot about myself and what I’m capable of. I’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone work together and contribute their own idea and twist on the final film. I hope that it will be enjoyed and puts 3Dami in good standing for next year.

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