Name: Alex Cao

Age: 17

School: Havering Sixth Form College

Career aspirations: Animator

Reason for joining 3Dami: To begin exploring animation, had trouble getting into it previously. I was passionate about animation when I was around 13 but never got around to doing it because of the lack of resources I could find, eventually I lost interest for years. I just recently became inspired again while in college to work towards having animation as a career, and so here I am with hardly any experience attempting to jump forward.

Role within the team: Modeller / Animator

What did your role entail: Creating several props for the film, animating several shots.

What have you enjoyed most: The reliable support I could get whenever I was troubled, learning animation has been a whole lot more easier while on this course. I could see myself working confidently with animation in the future after this course.

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