Whilst undertaking the 3Dami course I worked with a group of 10 other people and 2 mentors to create a short animation of about 30 to 120 seconds on the topic of the Olympics, over 7 days. In order to achieve this we worked on storyboarding in groups of 2 for each scene to make a total of 5 different sport scenes for the animation. After tweaking both the story and the animation storyboards we were ready to start making in Blender. Everyone started work on the scenery and background objects for each scene setting.  Once this was largely on its way some people began to make a particular character for each scene. From this point on, the group was led by the Art director (Ollie) and the manager (Estelle) who passed judgement on how the task fit together as a whole. Then the people who were working on the backgrounds created the sets for each scene. After a long period we were ready to animate the characters. So when the sets were finished, the rigged characters were animated to move in specific ways depending on the sport that was occurring in the particular scene. When this was completed the characters were placed in their correct scenes, which were put together to create the finished animation. On the Last day of the course, Estelle and I gave a presentation at Nesta, to colleagues, friends and family about our time at 3Dami and the animation which we made.

On certain days of the course we had people come in to explain how to secure a career in animation. A man named Mark Spevik came in on the Tuesday, and spoke to everyone about his experience of getting into the business, through his time of being a ‘runner’. He also gave advice on other ways of how to become an animator. On the Wednesday, everyone at 3Dami went to double negative and were given a tour and talk by Vic Rogers. We were shown clips of animation from movies which they were currently working on, we had to sign NDAs so we can’t say any more! Whilst there we met various individuals who got into animation via different routes.

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