Creating an animation is, in someways, similar to any other task such as creating a huge database for a company. Therefore, the correct procedures need to be acted upon. In an ICT project, there is something known as project management, in project management you start off with a plan. Because of this, we started off the project with coming up the basic storyline and created the storyboard. We didn’t do this at just any office, but in an office at Nesta. This took up the whole day so we had the weekend to brush up on our blender skills. When we got back we then started the modelling of the sets that we had thought up in our story board. We then got the chance to go to the actual headquarters of the visual effects firm that has worked on the films, such as Batman and Snow White, known as Double Negative. After signing off not to reveal what we were going to see, we then took a once in a lifetime tour around the Double Negative studio in Central London, where we were able to see people working on films that were yet to be released.

After the inspirational adventure, that was the tour around Double Negative, we then got back to work with the strict deadline looming nearer and nearer by the day. By the Thursday we had the scenes relatively done and all the was left was the characters. The characters were the hardest of all and took everyone working long hours for all the characters to be finished. Once the characters were done, we just needed to animate the scenes. Personally, I found the modelling more enjoyable because the animation was quite frustrating. However, when you create a really smooth animation, you feel good inside.


Composition came next and from what we saw at Double Negative, this is a really enjoyable part of the process. during this, we added sound and put all the scenes together to make the final product. All in all this was a really good way to see what it is like to work in the visual effects industry, the hard work, late nights, all the stress that comes with deadlines, but most of all creating a incredible finished product.

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